The Garden Floor

Before any form of paving is installed the surface needs to be leveled and compacted to create a good foundation for years to come. Water run-off and drainage control is essential to prevent water collecting in unwanted areas

Paving and paver blocks come in various sizes, colours and finishes to choose from. Budget also influences the selection greatly. Think before you pave design a good flooring surface that will be visually appealing and be a suitable addition to your own.

Paving Solutions We Offer:

  • Paving designs and layouts
  • Normal brick paving
  • Installation of paver blocks
  • Other flooring materials

Drainage And Damp Control

Poor water drainage and bad channelling of water can cause waterproofing and damp problems. Sloping the soil away from structures will allow access water to run off away from buildings, minimizing the danger of flooding and water damp.

Special waterproofing materials and sealants are available and additional drainage control can be installed by means of sub-soil structures like French drains channelling and piping.

Drainage Solutions We Offer:

  • Erosion control measures
  • Waterproofing agents
  • French and other drainage systems
  • Soil contouring


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