About Mercury Designs

Thank you for considering Mercury Designs the opportunity to design your outdoor space in such a way to suit your specific budget and needs. Mercury Designs is established in 2002 by the award-winning landscaper, David Viljoen.

Our professional horticultural consultants and landscape designers are qualified to assist you in beautifying your living space. Our creative team will endeavour to turn your gardening dreams into a reality and to create a space for you that you can enjoy.

Our expertise along with years of experience have made us leaders in garden design. Your garden will be our pride as well. David Viljoen is well known within the gardening industry for his creative approach to design and lectures throughout the country.

Mercury Designs offers courses in garden landscape design and can be seen on DSTV. Our qualified team take pride in our work and we are creative, passionate and effective in innovative garden landscape design.



A fee of R500 per hour (within a 30km radius) will be payable on the site visit. The client’s needs, requirements, likes and dislikes will be determined. Existing features will be plotted and a site analysis will be completed.

Existing house plans with boundary indications have to be submitted to Mercury Designs’ representatives on the day of the consultation. In the absence of house plans, site surveying will be done and measurements will be taken at an additional fee.


A budget for the garden is required in order for us to offer you our best possible service. Our creative design team do need boundaries to work within to design a concept that will satisfy your specific needs.

Please note that a garden plan can assist you in phasing your garden over a period of time while still working towards the final concept. The budget will greatly influence the choices of products and finishes.


The redrawing of all the above-mentioned details will be done to scale in preparation for budgeted design work. A brainstorming session to determine how best the budget can be applied to the outdoor area.

Details and finishes will be absent in the concept designs and will be added at a later stage. The purpose of the concept plan, a 50% design deposit will be required for the commencement of any further design work and the finalising of the design as well as the cost estimate.


The final design will be presented to you in a top-view format and will be drawn to a scale of 1:100 or 1:50. Details and finishes will be added in at this stage of the design process in preparation for the final landscape plan.

Products will be quantified and costed to meet the client’s requested budget. A coded structure will be used for easy identification of products on the final plan and the detailed cost estimate.


The presentation of the plan will be held at Mercury Designs in Boksburg. Products can be viewed within Garde Shop Nursery, books, brochures, the internet etc. within the office of Mercury Designs.

The plan and cost estimate will be handed over on acceptance of the final payment. Additional plans or scale models will be charged for additionally on request of the client/contractor.


If clients wish to construct the garden, or supervise all the contractors on their own, the detailed plan and cost estimate can be used as a guide line. David Viljoen will be available for call-outs at an hourly fee of R500.00.

As an alternative and totally up to the client’s choice, Mercury Designs can implement the garden with their own team and specialized contractors ensuring the client a hassle-free project.


If you need help with landscaping or a speaker in the gardening arena.