Create your own peace in your garden

Living a rushed and stressful life and trying hard to relax, but still feeling the pressures from all around? Gardening is such a rewarding way to break away from it all … taking your mind off everyday worries, exercising in a fun way and allowing you to be creative in your own unique way. Creativity is a very successful way of escaping tension. Few things beat the feeling of creating something, especially when your creation grows.

Gardening is the perfect to way to reconnect with nature and nothing is more satisfying than see your own creation grows

To be surrounded by nature is a privilege and so rewarding in so many ways. To see a seed germinate and grow is a miracle of life – not to mention seeing a plant grow and flowers forming! We are often so rushed in our everyday lives that we do not find time to pause and notice all that is happening around us. When last did you see a sparrow enjoying himself in a bird bath … or did your birdbath dry up when things got too hectic and you got too busy?

The colour green is a calming and relaxing colour and contributes to the psychological effect of growth and relaxation. What a better way of surrounding yourself with the colour green in its living form – by gardening with plants. Even a single pot plant in the house can do wonders to calm matters down. An added bonus is that plants purify our air and give us oxygen to breathe.

Helpful tips in creating your own little tranquil garden space

The following tips are rather helpful in creating your own little tranquil area in your garden:

Find a comfortable bench, hammock or even a bed to rest on and position it in a cozy area of the garden that is protected from the weather elements. A pleasant view from this area will be most welcome. In the comfort of your own resting place you can read, fill in crosswords or even have your quiet time here – a wise man once said one is closer to God in a garden. Introduce objects or colours that are most pleasing to you – it is after all your own unique area.

Finding time outdoors will bring you closer to nature and as the seasons change, so the garden will take on new appearances for you to enjoy and experience. Plant seasonal plants (also known as “annuals”) and bulbs and watch them grow day by day.

In Eastern design, peaceful areas are created by camouflaging any sharp corners and making use of more circular shapes and flowing lines. The balancing of opposites (like sun and shade, rough and smooth surfaces, bright and soft colours, etc.)  are essential to bring harmony to any living space.

If the chosen area is too stagnant, try introducing the soft sound of water flowing from a water feature. Water is calming and relaxing and brings movement to a stagnant area. With the assistance of a bird bath and bird feeder, feathered friends can be invited to your garden, adding interest and excitement. Hang a wind chime in a soft breeze and listen to the different sound combinations it creates.

All of this and a whole lot more is awaiting you in the comfort of your own home. Find time to relax – we only live once.