How to add new life to your garden (on a budget)

We often get so used to our surroundings that we find our own environment not as stimulating as others. The Jones’ garden may seem so much nicer than our own and keeping up with them is sometimes a daunting and difficult task. A garden needs to be a reflection of you and be something pleasing to you, the individual – it is after all you that will be living there.

Focus on one section at a time

Surround yourself with your favourite colours and objects that bring a smile to your face. Create your own little Eden where you can relax and feel comfortable in. Good advice is to start small and focus on completing one specific area rather than doing bits of gardening all over the show. A garden that is filled with many uncompleted projects gives one the impression of a lot of work that still needs to be done. Completing section by section gives you the opportunity to feel accomplishment and it is often the compliments that follows that will give you the enthusiasm to continue elsewhere in the garden.

Focus on completing a section at a time

Group objects together that tell the same story

Group objects together that belong together or tell the same story. Concrete pots and objects can work well in one area while wooden products and ornaments can create interest elsewhere in the garden. You might consider a fantasy garden hidden under the canopy of shrub and a big and bold garden theme around the swimming pool.

By grouping items together that belong together or tell the same story can instantly add new interest to your garden

Give old and forgotten features and plants a new life

Moving objects around in the garden is a good start to creating new and exciting gardening spaces. Pots, statues, garden ornaments, benches, birdbaths, rocks, stepping stones are but a few items that can find a new resting place elsewhere in the garden. A bit cleaning and possibly a bit of paint is often all that is needed to add new life to these often-forgotten treasures. You might have left over paint collecting dust in the garage that can be used for this purpose. Try mixing different paint colours together to form a new colour if the existing paint colours are not ideal.

A bit of cleaning and a bit of paint is often all that is needed to add new life to old forgotten features.

Existing plants growing in the garden can be split up and transplanted to fill up planting gaps. Good friends and keen gardeners will also be more than willing to share their plants with you. Often unwanted plants and gardening objects end up at the rubbish dumps and with a bit of tender loving care these can be rather useful in your own gardening space.

Do not be afraid to use what you have

 Gardening need not be an expensive exercise. Use what you have and turn it into something unique in your garden. We do not only need to plant plants in plant containers … experiment with anything that will hold soil but allow water to drain out of the soil freely. An old toy truck, old cooking pot or even baking trays can be used as planters. Even an old kettle can be used as a funky planting container.

Gardening doesn’t need to be expensive, sometimes all it takes to add new life to your garden is using that old forgotten treasures and converting it into something new.

Thinking out of the box will allow you to not try and keep up with the Jones but actually leave them green with envy.